Manager versus Leader

Unfortunately, people often talk about leaders who are not. Or from managers who have no leadership qualities. The direct translation from English is not helpful in this regard, because a leader is more than just a manager! They differ in the following points: 1. Vision and goal setting 2. Motivation and inspiration 3. Approach to change 4. Decision making 5. Communication 6. Employee development 7. Influence and power A true leader gains influence through credibility, trust and respect. The power of true leaders lies in their ability to inspire and rally others towards a common goal. True leaders are and were: Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela.

The Law Of Empowerment

Take care of your employees and recognize the people behind the work and position. People are not machines, not even you! You must recognize and promote this. People want to be seen. They want to receive recognition and trust. You too, don't you? Effective leadership attracts and brokers the talent of others. Authentic leaders turn people into leaders and give them positions that are even higher than their own. Leaders who act like this multiply their influence!

Your Past Isn't Done With You Yet

Even as children, we are influenced by our parents, relatives and the environment in which we grow up; positive and negative. The values ​​given to us in this way are burned into our subconscious, like a program. Some of them support us on our path in life: You can do anything you want. You're good! You are loved. You are valuable. Others have a limiting effect: you're not worth it. You are not enough. You are not able to do that. You'll never achieve anything.